1. How long does it take to install light fixtures? How much is installation?

The length of a lighting installation depends on how many units are being installed and the component itself. Lighting fixtures are intricate devices that require experienced experts like Wholesale Lighting, Inc. to properly implement.

Most fixtures can take anywhere from approximately 1-2 hours including safe installation, testing, and placement just as you want. 

Larger projects with more units will obviously increase the time required. No matter the size of the project, Wholesale Lighting prides itself on quick and painless installations that respect your privacy and schedule.

The cost of a lighting installation depends on the scope of the project and the exact fixtures our professionals are installing. It’s always best to request a custom quote, especially for larger projects. Our trained professionals have years of experience safely and precisely installing fixtures for the results you want. 

3. What does a lighting consultation by Wholesale Lighting include? What is the cost?

Once you’ve contacted us and scheduled a lighting consultation, we will invite you to our showroom for a private one-on-one session. There we will further discuss your goals, end vision, and show you the magnificent lighting we have available that best suits your situation. We understand that it’s important to see how lighting appears and interacts with the environment, which is another reason why we offer in-person consultations.

Our expert staff will gladly provide thorough answers for any questions you have and high-level advice to accomplish your project’s goals effectively.

A scheduled lighting consultation at Wholesale Lighting’s showroom is free of charge with your lighting project. Remember that consultations are investments. That means the time you spend will help speed up your project, relieve indecision and help you make the better lighting choice.

4. What makes a lighting consultation with Wholesale Lighting better than the rest?

Exceptional customer service, artisan-level knowledge, and decades of combined experience are a few things that make our lighting consultations different than the rest. 

Every consultation is tailored to our client’s budget, goals, and vision. We put as much pride into our recommendations and advice as if it were our own personal project.

Unlike other lighting consultations, Wholesale Lighting strives to align with your artistic intentions for expert advice and uniquely personalized outcomes. 

5. How much are Daytona Beach construction take-offs?

An expert construction take-off for your complete lighting package is free of charge.

6. What do you do for construction take-offs?

Construction take-offs are complex and sensitive activities, and their success also determines the success of the project’s budget and timeline. Using a dedicated methodology, Wholesale Lighting’s estimators will complete a thorough review of your construction project’s architectural drawings and specifications. Furthermore, we leverage our Rolodex of manufacturers and industry professionals to provide tailored solutions.

Depending on your instruction, we will provide all lighting, fans, and similar fixtures you need to complete the building process on time and on budget.

7. Who does Wholesale Lighting work with? Builders? Homeowners?

Wholesale Lighting, Inc. works with both builders and homeowners.

We help homeowners achieve design goals, add personality to their houses, and turn any space into an artistic masterpiece through lighting.

Builders will find our construction take-offs and products simplify the planning, budgeting and building processes as we optimize budget spend and attain sustainable maintenance, as well.

8. Does Wholesale Lighting offer sale pricing or volume discounts?

Yes, Wholesale Lighting is the leading discount lighting store in the Daytona Beach area. And, we meet or beat the Internet whenever possible. We offer competitive pricing that allows you to get your favorite name brands and the highest quality fixtures for a fraction of the price of some other stores.

We will always match or beat competitor’s pricing if you find it for less. You won’t find better value, or pricing, anywhere else. You can look forward to a total savings of 30-40% on any products compared to their retail price.

9. We’re starting to plan our new home. When should we contact Wholesale Lighting?

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible during the planning stages of your projects. By scheduling a lighting consultation with one of our lighting experts, you’ll ensure your project is planned with the best lighting options available for your need. We can guide you through the best choices and maximize your budget before you begin.

10. How many lighting manufacturers does Wholesale Lighting represent? Wholesale Lighting, Inc. has access to over 60 different lighting manufacturers, including some of the most sought-after and luxury brands in the market. Working with us will give you access to these products to make your project one-of-a-kind all while at a discount.