Construction Take-Off


Executing a flawless construction take-off requires experience and attention to detail. Every light fixture and material needs to be counted and coordinated to maximize your project’s timeline and budget. Our Lighting Consultants’ experience with residential and commercial projects will speed up how quickly your take-off is calculated and completed. 

As Daytona’s premier lighting store and showroom, our highly experienced lighting experts will also optimize your construction take-offs and become your single point for fixtures and other components. This streamlines your construction ventures, allowing you to meet your budget and stay on schedule. 

And speaking of schedules, we understand the critical role punctuality has in construction. Missing deliveries or working with inconsistent suppliers slows down projects, making you miss important deadlines and creates troubling ripple effects. That’s why we pride ourselves in timely shipments and perfectly calculated inventory to prevent these common problems.

You’ll have access to hundreds of different suppliers and thousands of products to maximize your project’s success. This also means that any project is achievable as you will never hit a limit in terms of fixture options. Along with our outstanding customer service, there will be no goal you can’t achieve.

Moreover, our accurate and timely calculations will help maximize your buying power to get the most out of any budget. Some take-off services use templates and a one-size-fits-all approach which can cause more harm than good. Our experienced team takes an architectural and engineering approach to selecting materials instead, magnifying the craftsmanship of the finished product.

Our expert take-off services will ultimately allow you to focus on what you do best while inventory and lighting is taken care of and appears at your project’s doorstep. Your company will also be able to bid on more projects with our fast turnaround time.